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New Year’s Resolutions For Teenagers

Although setting resolutions for the new year might seem a little cliché to adolescents, it’s still a great idea for parents to sit down with their kids to figure out their future goals. Adolescence is a very pivotal time in a person’s life, and navigating the waters of that time period can be tricky. That’s … Continue reading

What To Advise Your Child When All the “Cool Kids” Smoke

By Dr. Michael H. Popkin When kids are at a school where the so-called “cool” kids are into smoking and other risky behaviors, it can be hard to make or keep friends, especially when fitting in may seem like the most important thing. While most of us tend to think of peer pressure as something … Continue reading

Redecorating For Teenagers

Teenagers are young humans who are going through the stage of finding out who they are and trying to express their sense of personal style. Usually, what that means is quite the array of dodgy design decisions, and so this is the time where you don’t take over completely, but rather guide them to express … Continue reading

Telltale Signs That Your Teen Is Abusing Alcohol

It’s not a secret that there are so many teens nowadays who drink alcohol. They are not recreational drinkers who only drink at social gatherings, but they are teens who abuse alcohol. As a parent, it is both so infuriating and agonizing to suspect your teen to be addicted to alcohol. They will not tell … Continue reading

Helping Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

A parent’s job is to keep their child safe, and this includes being protected from things like peer pressure and the temptation to do drugs. While it is impossible to shield a child from all negative things around them, parents can give their teen tools to help them deal with things like negative peer pressure. … Continue reading