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How To Make Amazing Art With Spare Printer Ink

Image by: articotropical You may think it unlikely but there are some fun and interesting ways to make art with just paper and ink. They may not sell for millions but I’m sure your living room will love it, orĀ  at the very least, the fridge door. Read on to get your creative juices flowing! … Continue reading

Art: Senia’s 2013 Seasons Greetings

Art: Senia Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Saving Your Children’s Artwork – Ways To Preserve Their Valuable Masterpieces

Children can create numerous pieces of artwork and parents are given the daunting task of finding creative ways to display and store them, as well as throw out those that are old and tattered. Whatever these priceless masterpieces may be and wherever they may end up, it is crucial to encourage children to continue with … Continue reading

Senia Welcomes Fall 2013!