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Happy Birthday Senia – Welcome to 13!


Great Party Ideas For Children Who Love Sports

The great thing about children (or one of the great things), is that they are mega enthusiastic. In other words, while you or I might ‘quite like’ the last film we watched, most children will find they ‘absolutely loved it!!!’. Most children will then beg you to take them to the cinema again, to buy … Continue reading

Great Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Birthday!

If your best friend’s birthday is approaching and you want to really spoil her the way she deserves to be, then you are going to have to put a lot of thought into what you are going to buy her. Choosing a birthday present for your best friend is harder than you would imagine – … Continue reading

Does It Matter When Your Birthday Is?

We all feel special on our birthdays after all it is our special day isn’t it? Actually it isn’t that special when you come to think of it as whatever day you are born you will share your anniversary with millions of others across the world. The question is, are some birthdays better than others? … Continue reading

Top Ideas For A Fabulous Sweet Sixteen Party

Sweet sixteen is a landmark birthday for girls. At sixteen, a girl is an adult in many parts of the world: she can vote, buy lottery tickets, and even marry with her parents’ permission. So it is nice to be able to celebrate such a wonderful moment by throwing your daughter a fabulous Sweet Sixteen … Continue reading