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How a 15-year-old entrepreneur got her product into Nordstrom

Yahoo editors have selected this article as a favorite of 2013. It first ran on Yahoo Small Business on May 31 and was one of the most popular stories of the year. The article describes how teenager Madison Robinson won big success for her line of colorful flip flops for kids. She launched her business … Continue reading

Parents In Jail: The Life Changing Effects It Has On Children

In jails across the country, there are people who are arrested and detained for various crimes. Their children also suffer with them as they face hardship and developmental risks as consequences of the crimes their parents have been accused of. Sadly, these children are affected developmentally, through relationship and security. Aside from the children, the … Continue reading

How To Help Kids Afraid To Start Driving

Although many teenagers are excited at the prospective of driving, there are some that are afraid to drive. Reasons to explain why teens are afraid to drive vary. Some teens are so caught up in their craze for electronic gadgets, such as smart phones, that they show little interest in learning to drive. Other teens … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Gross Toys

This could be the grossest holiday toy season in years as toy makers roll out new lines of gross-out toys that fart, burp or make other weird noises. The new Monster 500 line from Toys R Us features CrocPot, an icky monster sitting on a potty-type vehicle and holding a toilet plunger. See full list … Continue reading

Peer To Peer Kids’ Fashion

Clothing kids can be a nightmare. Not only are younger and younger children developing an interest in fashion but the little darlings keep growing. Not only are parents having to shell out a fortune for the brands their kids want to wear, the clothes haven’t even worn out before they become too small and are … Continue reading