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Youth Camps – Are They Safe?

By Stephanie Harbin Today, so many things are happening. Violence and horrific events have occurred almost everywhere – schools, movie theaters, churches, college campuses, homes, and shopping malls. One might ask, “Is anywhere safe? Or, “Who can you trust?” This article attempts to provide a framework for addressing these questions in relation to youth camps. … Continue reading

What To Do If You Don’t Have Enough Time For Your Kids?

The modern world – and the modern workplace – means more stress on modern families, with less time together than ever. It used to be that people thought that computerization and other forms of automation would shorten our workdays, and give us more free time. Au contraire.  Instead of having more time for their family, … Continue reading

Warning: iPads Are Not For Kids!

If you’ve got young kids, you perhaps have let them play with your iPad and thought it was cute to watch how amused they are as they explore what their fingers can do on it. But if you really knew what was happening ‘behind the scenes’ you’d likely have a different opinion about the relationship … Continue reading

5 Hottest And Most Successful Teen Male Celebrities

Most teen male celebrities start to show their diverse talents as early as three years old. Most of them are involved in different fields of entertainment such as music, dance, video and movie, television shows and commercials. Listed below are some hottest and most successful teen males below. Luke Aaron Benward He was born in … Continue reading

New Music: Astro – He Fell Off