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How To Keep Your Children Happy

Keeping your children happy is something most parents strive towards throughout their lives. It is somewhat a mythical talent with their wants seeming rather insatiable. Parents are faced with the extremely difficult task of appeasing their every need while educating them about the rights and wrongs of life, when put like that it seems exceedingly … Continue reading

How To Get Children Involved With Household Chores

It is really important to encourage your children to do household chores from an early on to guarantee that everyone participates in keeping the house in order. It will also make sure they learn to be independent and that when they eventually grow up they know how to survive without their mum doing their laundry. … Continue reading

How To Make Children Do Their Homework

“You can’t really make me do it!” “Why do I have to do my homework now?” “Mom, please, can I go to sleep now?” Do any of these sound familiar to you? Homework issues may turn out to be very stressful and full of tension for both children and parents. According to a recent research, … Continue reading

4 Top Tips To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Child

A natural fear of any parent is raising a spoiled child. Raising a spoiled child can make you question your parenting skills and worry about how your child will get on with life when they go off into the big wide world. Spoiled children are incredibly demanding and give parents a tough ride until they … Continue reading

Are Family Values Slipping?

It is easy to say that family values are slipping these days, but is it a fair reflection on the world? Traditions are changing, some being left behind and some new ones forming. The way modern families live is very different to the way out ancestors lived and this have changed the way things are … Continue reading