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How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy

With childhood obesity on the rise and so many fun reasons to sit in front of the computer or television instead of running around outside, instilling healthy eating habits at a young age is more important than ever. To help you get your children eating healthy and choosing the right snacks, here are some great … Continue reading

Best Holiday Treats For Kids With Braces

For those who have braces, the holidays can provide a difficult challenge. Many traditional holiday goodies contain nuts, popcorn, and overly crunchy or sticky ingredients that can pop brackets or cause other damage that will prolong the straightening process. Instead of passing on holiday treats which could cause problems, consider providing foods that everyone can … Continue reading

Healthy Meals To Cook For Your Children

Cooking healthy for your family is vitally important if you want to instil good eating habits in your children and improve your family’s well-being. Good food is like medicine for the body, so if you take the preparation of meals seriously it will be quite beneficial to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Unfortunately, coming … Continue reading

Quick And Healthy Desserts For Children

The majority of children have a sweet tooth and don’t particularly think about whether what they are eating is healthy so if given the choice they would probably just look for chocolate or ice cream as a dessert. So it can be hard for parents to come up with new ideas for quick and healthy … Continue reading

How To Make A Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich

No I didn’t mean a grilled dark chicken sandwich. I meant a grilled dark chocolate sandwich. It is as rich and delicious as it sounds, I promise! The best part is it’s actually quite healthy for you! Dark chocolate actually has lots of antioxidants in it that promote healthy bodies and glowing skin. So eat … Continue reading