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4 Ways Your Dog Can Ruin Your Marriage

Having a dog is supposed to be a joyous experience. A dog is supposed to be your loyal companion and put a smile on your face most of the time. And while your dog may do all of this for you, it’s possible that your dog is doing something unintentional that you don’t like—ruining your … Continue reading

6 Ways Your Dog Can Help Around The House

Having a dog is extremely beneficial. They provide you with comfort, protection and love, and they even provide health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. But there are plenty more benefits where those came from. Owning a dog can be beneficial to your home too. The following are six ways that your … Continue reading

Senia’s Favorite Things: Headbands Never Go Out Of Style

The way you wear your hair can change the way you look completely and headbands are a very good way to add authenticity, style and elegance to your overall look. From chic to retro, from funky to handmade, headbands can be included in the classical accessories category, as they never go out of fashion. They’re … Continue reading

Don’t Hire a Jumping Castle For Your Event Until You Read This!

Jumping castles are no longer just for kids! Adults can get in on the fun too. These inflatable, bouncy things have been around for a long time. Although some of its previous incarnations were primarily used for more serious and lifesaving events, majority of inflatable castles are now used for recreation and entertainment. From Safety … Continue reading

Turning 18 Shouldn’t Mean Getting Turned Out

As parents, we know that that we do more for our children then provide them with the basics of food, shelter and clothing. Sometimes it seems as if they are more difficult to care for in their teenage years than when they were infants! There are too many bad turns they can take, and they … Continue reading