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Parents In Jail: The Life Changing Effects It Has On Children

In jails across the country, there are people who are arrested and detained for various crimes. Their children also suffer with them as they face hardship and developmental risks as consequences of the crimes their parents have been accused of. Sadly, these children are affected developmentally, through relationship and security. Aside from the children, the … Continue reading

What Is Date Rape And How Can You Protect Yourself Against It?

Yes, you may have had too much alcohol to drink, but it does not give anyone the right to put something in your drink to make you lose consciousness with the intention of sexually abusing you. This is called date rape and is a punishable crime. What is Date Rape? Unfortunately, date rape is very … Continue reading

Top Reasons Why Teens Rebel And Land In Juvie Hall

There are so many things that can break a parent’s heart, and one of the most painful heartaches is when a good teen goes bad. You treat and pamper all your children the same way, and yet, one of them turned out to be rebellious. He is not respecting your home rules, and he is … Continue reading

Teens, Sexting, And Cybersex: What Parents Need To Know

Teens and technology are a constant in many parents’ lives.  Most parents can’t even imagine their teen without their cell phone or computer.  With all the benefits that technology provides, it can also bring new dangers about which parents have no idea.  Two of the most common of these new dangers are sexting, sending sexual … Continue reading

How Not To Get Arrested And Still Throw An Amazing College Party

Throwing the best party at college is one of the few goals of every college student. It is safe to say that if a student successfully throws a good party, he will automatically be part of the A-list. Unfortunately, cops arriving at the door and getting arrested won’t do any good. Instead, it will only … Continue reading