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DIY Family Yearbook Instructions

Materials: • Paper (any kind as print medium) • Glue • Scissors • Ring Binder • Hole puncher • Stored Photos • Ink jet printer Procedures: Sort and group photos (stored in the computer) according to occasion and time of event. Select the photos that will be added in the yearbook. Create a background design … Continue reading

100 Ways To Occupy Your Kids This Winter

  By Kara M Armstrong It took me awhile to come up with 100 activities to do with your kids during winter. I thought I was pretty good at keeping the kids occupied and thought I had many great ideas, but it still took me awhile to come up with all these ideas. I really … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Problematic Family Members

By Freja Njorden How releasing the past, choosing your present, and creating your future can lead to ease and happiness around your family, and make the best of your family relationships. Every one of us has a familial circle around us, some we choose and others we do not. It would be fantastic if we … Continue reading

What Is Your Family’s Bull’s-Eye?

By Michelle Klavohn If you were to fast forward your family a year down the road, what would you hope to see? How about 3 years? And, what will create that picture? More than what the economy does, more than what grades your kids get, more than what job you or your spouse may hold, … Continue reading

15 Fun Things to Do With Your Family This Summer

By Kristen Wint There’s an abundance of fun, family-bonding activities to enjoy during the summer months and most require more creativity than money to organize. The most important part of summer fun for your kids is spending time with mom and dad, so don’t feel like you need to take them to a glitzy theme … Continue reading