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5 Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls: Fact Verses Fiction

Author: Barisa Wyse Some of the popular beauty tips for teenage girls are not based on any factual evidence but rather hearsay passed down from one generation to another. Often it is the mothers of teenage girls who feel that they are compelled to share beauty secrets with their young female offspring. Unfortunately some of … Continue reading

Should Your Children Wear Symbols on Their Clothes?

You may not think dressing your children in clothing that has a little logo design would be such a big deal; however, do you know exactly what the logos on their clothing mean? You should find out what each logo means before sending your precious bean out into the world. What Symbols Mean The rock … Continue reading

Senia’s Favorite Things: Headbands Never Go Out Of Style

The way you wear your hair can change the way you look completely and headbands are a very good way to add authenticity, style and elegance to your overall look. From chic to retro, from funky to handmade, headbands can be included in the classical accessories category, as they never go out of fashion. They’re … Continue reading

I’m Tall – How Do I Dress?

Being tall is definitely an advantage, but like any other body type, it comes with pros and cons. Tall women either try to hide their height or to enhance it, considering it a quality and trying to take advantage of it. What does it mean to be tall? If you’re 178 cm, then you can … Continue reading

The Right Way to Make Yourself Look Smarter

For some reason, young women like to seem as though they are ditzy and not as smart as they truly are; however, little do they know many people are turned off by this. Young women should make themselves seem as smart as they are, or even better, smarter than they truly are! Why should you … Continue reading