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Probing the Parental Steps to Rearing Boys Into Men

By Duane Birth Every good parent sees a bright future in their child, one that meets the level of distinction that every adult must measure up to. And for the education and masculine development of a leading figure that will one day take over the leadership of family relations. Therefore, it is a serious matter … Continue reading

The Difference Between Dad and Father

By Cory Franek Fatherhood, is greater than just being a Dad. I believe that the word DAD, is just a title and Fatherhood, is something that we DAD’s have to earn every day. Especially if we want something in return i.e. respect. First off, I am no expert when it comes to being a dad … Continue reading

5 Lessons From Eddie Murphy’s Daddy Day Care That Fathers Can And Should Implement Immediately

  By Rodney Kellum It’s amazing how young children can find an older movie that you may have forgotten about, decide they like it, and play it over and over and over again. My five year old son has done just that with Eddie Murphy’s Daddy Day Care. What’s really interesting is that when I … Continue reading

Mothers Baby – Fathers Maybe

It is easy for a woman to know that she is the parent to the baby that has just been born, but for the father there has to be a lot of trust. If there are concerns, it is now possible to take a test that will leave all parties in no doubt as to … Continue reading

Keeping Your Teen in School When They Refuse to Go

By Kerry B Johnson Why is a teenager refusing to go to school? Years ago my first reaction when I heard parents and teachers complain was “you’re the mom, you make her go to school” attitude. About a year ago I met Mary, a 15 year old sophomore who had just left a very large … Continue reading