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10 Tips To Keep Your Child At A Healthy Weight

The habits you form in your earliest days become the blueprints for your future—thus it is imperative that you give your children the best opportunities at creating a happy and healthy adult lifestyle. With the climbing statistics in childhood obesity, type II diabetes, and a plethora of related healthcare concerns, parents should follow these top … Continue reading

How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy

With childhood obesity on the rise and so many fun reasons to sit in front of the computer or television instead of running around outside, instilling healthy eating habits at a young age is more important than ever. To help you get your children eating healthy and choosing the right snacks, here are some great … Continue reading

The Right Balance of Treats for Your Grandchildren

One of the things that Grandmas are most infamous for among parents, is giving children lots of snacks that aren’t necessarily great for their health or teeth. As a Grandparent you’ve done your time as a taskmaster Mother, and now it’s time to get to enjoy being the ‘fun Gran’ who gives sweets and never … Continue reading

Is Katie Hopkins Right About Childhood Obesity?

Katie Hopkins, former contestant on the hit TV show The Apprentice, has made the headlines again for proposing that overweight children should be told that they are fat. Ms Hopkins is making a fine career out of stirring up controversy as her no nonsense, say it as it is approach consistently provokes the politically correct … Continue reading

Does My Child Need A Vitamin Supplement?

Vitamin supplements have become a part of the daily routine for many Americans of every age – however, does your healthy child really need a supplement? Most experts agree that supplements are not really necessary for healthy children. Instead, it would be ideal for a child to get their daily allotment of vitamins from a … Continue reading