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Top 6 Tips to Make Math Fun for Kids

By Gabhan Reed At first glance fun math or enjoying math seems to be a contradiction of sorts. You may wonder how a subject that millions of kids around the world dread be fun to learn. The solution lies in removing the fear by making math interesting for the kids with games and other innovative … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Video Games And Science

Video games have provided many scientific fields with a plethora of research opportunities, often providing researchers with valuable information relating to the psychology and physical attributes of people who play games. Insight Into a Gamer’s Mind As aforementioned, research of people who play video games have helped to provide valuable information to scientists. Gaming often … Continue reading

Best Mind Teaser Games for Kids

By Mehul G Brahmbhatt Mind teaser games other than being extremely exciting are also educational. Individuals who play these games regularly have stronger brains than other people of similar age group. You will not need to be an adult to play brain teasers. There are a number of brain teasing games that can be played … Continue reading

Spending Time With Your Teenage Son: 5 Cool Father-Son Activities

As your son grows older, you will be spending less and less time together. With his busy social life and your own work schedule, you might feel as though you haven’t had the opportunity to bond as much as you used to. Even if you live with your son, it can still be challenging to … Continue reading

How Can Video Games Create Bonds Between Parent And Child

Video games have been slammed in the past for being addictive and anti-social. They can create real bonds between parents and children, though. If you want to spend some more quality time with your youngling, you don’t have to get into a screaming match when you drag them away from the screen. Get involved in … Continue reading