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Does It Matter When Your Birthday Is?

We all feel special on our birthdays after all it is our special day isn’t it? Actually it isn’t that special when you come to think of it as whatever day you are born you will share your anniversary with millions of others across the world. The question is, are some birthdays better than others? … Continue reading

How To Make The Christmas Holidays Really Magical For Your Child

Like people say “We only live once”. Now, I am not a man who would discourage the idea of an afterlife, but just in case there isn’t one, why not make the few years we have on this Earth enjoyable? And what better time to start than during our adolescence. But of course when we … Continue reading

Cool Ideas For A Baby Shower

There was a time when a baby shower consisted of a few people gathered around, snacking on basic food and enjoying small talk, but times have definitely changed. The traditional baby shower has seen its day, and expectant parents are now turning this into something really worth celebrating. In fact, you may be invited to … Continue reading

Getting Your Kids To Write Letters To Santa

Writing letters to Santa can be a great way for the kids to practice their writing and get creative, particularly since lots of children don’t enjoy writing at a young age. Your kids will love the idea of writing a letter to Santa Claus, especially if they think they’re going to get a reply or … Continue reading

Pippa Middleton’s Guide To Party Planning

Okay, so it’s been nearly a year since Pippa Middleton’s universally-panned Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities for Family and Friends. So it bordered a little (a lot) on the obvious, but deep down we’re convinced there are some sage pieces of insight on all things party from the lady with the royal in-laws: “[Star-gazing] … Continue reading