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God and 12 Awesome Things I am Thankful For

What I’m Thankful For In Life Today is Thanksgiving. The day to be thankful for what you do have. Honestly, I’ve had lot of crazy things happen to me this year and I haven’t really thought about what I’m thankful for. But now that I’m thinking about it I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for! … Continue reading

Things To Do With Your Nieces And Nephews

If your siblings have children then it is important that you also develop a really close relationship with them. The bond you can have with your nephews and nieces is really special and is especially precious if you don’t have your own children yet. So next time they come visit you here are some great … Continue reading

Ways To Teach Kids How To Pray

One of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children is to help them learn how to use prayers in their daily life. When children make a habit of praying, they experience the presence of a loving God in their life. Whenever they are fearful or gloomy, they know whom they can call to … Continue reading

How Do You Answer Your Child’s Questions About God?

There will undoubtedly come a time as a parent when your child will begin to ask you questions that you may not have the answers to right away. We all know that children are curious to learn about the world around them (think ‘Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘Where do babies come from?), which … Continue reading

Helping Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

A parent’s job is to keep their child safe, and this includes being protected from things like peer pressure and the temptation to do drugs. While it is impossible to shield a child from all negative things around them, parents can give their teen tools to help them deal with things like negative peer pressure. … Continue reading