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Senia Interviews Gabrielle Dela Cruz – Author of Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance

Gabrielle Dela Cruz is a transgender woman, a former copywriter and an upcoming novelist who likes to write young adult fiction. She wants to touch young people’s hearts through her writing especially the kids who are currently being bullied in school. She mostly uses her first crush as her inspiration for the books she writes. … Continue reading

4 Tips To Make A Costume For A Kid’s Costume Party

Has your child been invited to a costume party? If yes, then that spells trouble for you. I can understand your predicament, costumes are hard to make and you don’t want to be one of those parents who simply buys one. What’s worse is, if your child’s costume doesn’t match up to the others, then … Continue reading

Top 10 Fall Family Activities

Fall is a wonderful season, and a time of the year when many great family memories are created. The bright orange colors of the falling leaves and the crisp air are only parts of what makes fall such a memorable season. Families can take part in an array of fun family activities,We have ten listed … Continue reading

Why My Halloween Sucked This Year

I’m in the sixth grade and there’s no wearing costumes and no half days like at the elementary school. And, my school is having a Halloween party this week! WHAT!!! But that’s not the worst part. It rained where I lived so that ruined trick or treating, instead we attended an inside event at my … Continue reading

What To Do With All That Halloween Candy

As little fingers ring neighborhood door bells all over America this year on their way trick or treating, parents will see their children come home with sacks full of sugary goodness.  Trick or Treating may be an annual tradition, but so too are the pounds of candy that get leftover afterward.  Here are some clever … Continue reading