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7-Year-Old Girl’s Over-The-Top Christmas Wish List Because, Why Not?

Kids say the darndest things. But around Christmas time, they also ask for the darndest, most over-the-top, insanely unfathomable, simply unattainable things, because hey, why not? It’s that magical time of year when Santa Claus is working hard in the North Pole to bring them exactly what they want. So naturally, most children take full … Continue reading

When Someone Steals Your Child’s Pictures: Blogger Nightmare

A few days before Thanksgiving, I found out some of the most disturbing information a blogger (and mother) can get: someone had stolen my daughter’s photos off my blog AND was claiming her as their own – for almost an entire year. This woman also has an arrest record and has refused to take down … Continue reading

4 Ways To Celebrate New Years With Your Children

Parents often find arranging New Year celebrations difficult as they find that their traditional plans have to change because of their children. Just because you have children, doesn’t mean that your traditions have to change completely, or that you can’t continue to celebrate the New Year. By planning fun activities, and taking a relaxed approach, … Continue reading

The Halloween Survival Guide

As the summer days wind down and the scent of autumn rides in on a cool breeze, the plaintive pleas of children to their parents—begging for the next outing—are changing right along with the fall leaves. Throughout the sunshine filled summer, kids had their hearts set on the roller coasters and stomach turning rides of … Continue reading

Top Ideas For A Fabulous Sweet Sixteen Party

Sweet sixteen is a landmark birthday for girls. At sixteen, a girl is an adult in many parts of the world: she can vote, buy lottery tickets, and even marry with her parents’ permission. So it is nice to be able to celebrate such a wonderful moment by throwing your daughter a fabulous Sweet Sixteen … Continue reading