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New Year’s Resolutions For Teenagers

Although setting resolutions for the new year might seem a little cliché to adolescents, it’s still a great idea for parents to sit down with their kids to figure out their future goals. Adolescence is a very pivotal time in a person’s life, and navigating the waters of that time period can be tricky. That’s … Continue reading

Exciting Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Finding out that someone is pregnant is very exciting news! In any way someone delivers the message, it’s always exciting. Perhaps it could not be anticipated, or in some cases it could be bad news, so it’s important to figure out the proper or best way to announce to those close to you that a … Continue reading

The Right Balance of Treats for Your Grandchildren

One of the things that Grandmas are most infamous for among parents, is giving children lots of snacks that aren’t necessarily great for their health or teeth. As a Grandparent you’ve done your time as a taskmaster Mother, and now it’s time to get to enjoy being the ‘fun Gran’ who gives sweets and never … Continue reading

Things To Do With Your Nieces And Nephews

If your siblings have children then it is important that you also develop a really close relationship with them. The bond you can have with your nephews and nieces is really special and is especially precious if you don’t have your own children yet. So next time they come visit you here are some great … Continue reading

529 Plans and Other Ways To Save For College

For residents of the United States, saving for college has always been an issue, but with the recent introduction of tuition fees in the United Kingdom, more families will have to consider setting up funds for their children. Although there will be money put into the project by the student, a lot of the saving … Continue reading