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Surefire Way To Get Tweens To Enjoy A Family Vacation: Bring Cornhole

Taking a family vacation with a sullen tween might be one of the least enjoyable activities a parent experiences.  They whine about time with younger siblings.  They hate the patchy cell phone service while on the road.  And being away from friends for an extended period of time makes them downright nasty. What can a … Continue reading

Top 5 Smartphones For Mom

Smart phones have broadened their minds of billions of people across the world. In fact, smart phones make life easier by being able to multi-task no mater where we are. Many mothers use their cellular phones everyday. With the right phone mom can create the perfect grocery list, design Christmas cards, keep up with important … Continue reading

Childline Develops Zipit App To Help Young People Deal With ‘Sexting’

The infamy surrounding the Snapchat mobile app has brought the issue of sending explicit images and videos (a practice known as sexting) into the mainstream conscious, concerning parents and teachers alike. The self-deleting nature of images sent via Snapchat has made it popular for the sending of intimate photographs, but sexting is also carried out … Continue reading

5 IOS Apps Your Teen Is Probably Using

As a parent, it can be very difficult to keep up with what your teenager is doing and thinking. In the constantly evolving world of technology, trends change more quickly than you can probably imagine. Even if you would consider yourself a fairly “tech-savvy” parent, the odds are good that your kids are (at least) … Continue reading

Why Some Kids Are Drawn to Adult Information and How to Keep It Kid-Friendly

By Allison Edwards Many kids are drawn to adult-level information. They eavesdrop on their parent’s conversations, pay attention to what’s happening on the news and take every opportunity to read their parent’s text messages and emails. As hard as parents try, kids are still finding out information they have no business knowing. Take nine-year-old Sasha, … Continue reading