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Stinky Feet and Teen Hygiene: School Nurse Tips On The Smelly Years!

By Anne Kolsky If I had a dollar for every middle school teacher that asked me to have “The Talk” with a student, I would retire and move to Bora Bora tomorrow. What is “The Talk?” No, it’s not THAT talk, it’s the Talk about Smelly Feet, Smelly Armpits, Greasy Hair, Dirty Clothes, and Morning … Continue reading

How to Get Middle School Boys Reading

By Keri R Williams Many middle school boys are reluctant readers, but a really great book has the potential to turn that around. That is, if you can get them to read it. Boys usually don’t like to read for one of two reasons: 1. Reading is boring 2. Reading is too hard It’s unfortunate … Continue reading

All A’s in Everything: Senia Passes 6th Grade!

Overcoming Your Middle School Geek Label – Get Involved

By Stephanie Harbin One way to overcome your middle school geek label in high school is to get involved, and getting involved is contrary to the behavior of geeks. Geeks are known for either being loners or associating only with other geeks. Although the thought of reaching out and mingling with others might make you … Continue reading

Why Are There So Many Different Levels of Popularity in Junior High School?

By Lawrence R Mathews Your question shows a high level of awareness about the importance teenagers place on being popular. You are to be commended for having such a level. Please know that your generation of classmates is not different from others that have come before you. Being popular has been an important thing to … Continue reading