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First Jobs Every Teenager Has Had

It’s a rite of passage for every teen, an often low-paid weekend job where you live by the clock, counting down the hours of your current shift until you can get home and spend the rest of the evening on Facebook moaning about how boring your day was, while tallying up your precious pounds for … Continue reading

Reasons Why Every College Student Should Have A Contract Phone

College students are a strange demographic for mobile operators. Students tend to be big users, but aren’t always on top of payment plans. If you’re a student, you might be taking advantage of a pay as you go mobile option, which allows you to budget your money more easily whilst still having the phone service … Continue reading

Warning: iPads Are Not For Kids!

If you’ve got young kids, you perhaps have let them play with your iPad and thought it was cute to watch how amused they are as they explore what their fingers can do on it. But if you really knew what was happening ‘behind the scenes’ you’d likely have a different opinion about the relationship … Continue reading

IPad WiFi Radiation: Harmful To Children And Pregnant Women

What would you do if you saw a young child or pregnant lady playing with a loaded gun? You’d at least curious, wouldn’t you? And you’d probably be a little worried as to wonder if they realized the danger they were in. Well, every day millions of children and pregnant women play with something almost … Continue reading

Should You Give Your 10-Year-Old A Cellphone?

Many parents find themselves struggling over whether their child should be given a cell phone.  Although there are many reasons for and against this, the parental decision ought to be made on a case-by-case basis. Experts believe that if a child is given a cell, he/she should be no younger than 10-years-old.  Before 10, children … Continue reading