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What Students Will Learn At A Ballet Dance School (Hint, It’s Not Just Dancing)

By Chris A. Harmen Many parents sign their children up for dancing lessons so that they can understand different dancing steps, but also so they can have fun and stay active at the same time. However, there are a lot of other things students will gain knowledge of when they sign up with a ballet … Continue reading

Why I Love Music From the 20th Century

You’d think most children today love to listen to current music. But this girl not so much. A lot of the music from this century I do love but I love the music from the last century so much more. I’m going to tell you how I started to love it and the artists I … Continue reading

Senia’s Summer Jamz: Selena Gomez – Come & Get It


Cool Kids Spotlight: Metal Band – Unlocking The Truth


What Would Make One Direction Cooler?

Around the world, teenage girls and those of an even younger age are obsessed with the activities of One Direction, the band put together a few years ago who were initially five rejects on the UK version of The X Factor because they weren’t the strongest singers in the competition. No, we’re not sure how … Continue reading