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New Year’s Resolutions For Teenagers

Although setting resolutions for the new year might seem a little cliché to adolescents, it’s still a great idea for parents to sit down with their kids to figure out their future goals. Adolescence is a very pivotal time in a person’s life, and navigating the waters of that time period can be tricky. That’s … Continue reading

Mothers Baby – Fathers Maybe

It is easy for a woman to know that she is the parent to the baby that has just been born, but for the father there has to be a lot of trust. If there are concerns, it is now possible to take a test that will leave all parties in no doubt as to … Continue reading

Benefits Of Giving Children Discretion To Choose Their Own Clothes

Many parents debate whether or not they should pick out their children’s clothes or let them dress themselves. Most parents who have started letting their children pick out their own clothes don’t regret the decision. Here are some reasons they are encouraging their friends to give their children the same flexibility. Fosters a Sense of … Continue reading

Parents In Jail: The Life Changing Effects It Has On Children

In jails across the country, there are people who are arrested and detained for various crimes. Their children also suffer with them as they face hardship and developmental risks as consequences of the crimes their parents have been accused of. Sadly, these children are affected developmentally, through relationship and security. Aside from the children, the … Continue reading

How Do You React When Your Child Is Angry?

By Lubna Nadia Ahmad Anger may be a defense to avoid other feelings and is associated with low self-esteem, but how do you react when your child is angry? Anger is a normal emotion and just like other emotions, it is necessary to express this emotion too. Therefore, it is important to encourage children to … Continue reading