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7 Smart Ways to Raise Your Children Properly

By Obaro E Aziza The family is a very important unit in every society, children get their strongest values from home. It is not uncommon for people to tell what the children will be like by simply observing their parents. This articles helps you to understand some simple things parents can do to raise their … Continue reading

Marriage, Income or Parenting – Which Really Influences a Successful Child?

By Jaime Kulaga Research has shown that children who are raised by married parents, especially those parents who stay married, tend to do better in almost all aspects to life. The problem is, the US family is currently much different than what it used to be. Being raised by a family other than the traditional … Continue reading

5 Common Slip-Ups Parents Make

By Rio Canete Generally, children are clumsy, naughty, won’t listen to what you say, won’t do what you tell them to do. This oftentimes makes parents lose their patience and end up barking angry words towards their children. Undoubtedly, parents don’t mean what they let out. However, not all parents realize that venting their frustrations … Continue reading

Children Learn Love by Example

By Brenda J Silveira Our children watch everything we say and do. They observe and learn from our words and our actions. Personalities can be totally changed by a child’s environment, so we need to be very careful as to what we are teaching them. A shy child can develop strong esteem and a powerful … Continue reading

Discipline in Parenting – An Alternative to Smacking

By Raewyn Peoples Discipline, like parenting, begins in the cradle. It soon becomes apparent which crying is for a genuine need or just saying, I want your attention NOW. It does not hurt them to have a short cry in fact it is good exercise for their lungs. I am not saying you should leave … Continue reading