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4 Tips To Make A Costume For A Kid’s Costume Party

Has your child been invited to a costume party? If yes, then that spells trouble for you. I can understand your predicament, costumes are hard to make and you don’t want to be one of those parents who simply buys one. What’s worse is, if your child’s costume doesn’t match up to the others, then … Continue reading

Go Green This Halloween With These Costumes Made From Recycled Materials

Rather than spending a small fortune on a new Halloween costume that you’re probably only going to wear once, why not create a costume out of recycled materials? There’s plenty of fabulous and creative costume options that don’t have to wind up in the old costume graveyard at the back of your closet. Check out … Continue reading

Top Ideas For A Fabulous Sweet Sixteen Party

Sweet sixteen is a landmark birthday for girls. At sixteen, a girl is an adult in many parts of the world: she can vote, buy lottery tickets, and even marry with her parents’ permission. So it is nice to be able to celebrate such a wonderful moment by throwing your daughter a fabulous Sweet Sixteen … Continue reading

Turning Up Uninvited To A Party

It’s a debate which has had parenting boards alight with opinions on all sides of the debate; is it ever OK to bring along extra children to a party when they haven’t been specifically invited? The debate seems to be split into two distinct camps, those who say that with siblings it’s pretty much expected … Continue reading

What Your Kids Really Want At Their Party

Throwing a party for your kids can be tough.   Incredibly fulfilling, of course – nothing will make your heart glow like seeing their happy faces – but still tough.  After all, children can be inconsistent in what they want, fussy and often get upset at comparatively little things.  How, then, can you go about giving … Continue reading