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The Relationship Between Video Games And Science

Video games have provided many scientific fields with a plethora of research opportunities, often providing researchers with valuable information relating to the psychology and physical attributes of people who play games. Insight Into a Gamer’s Mind As aforementioned, research of people who play video games have helped to provide valuable information to scientists. Gaming often … Continue reading

Study Finds Too Little Sleep At Night Could Raise Children’s Blood Pressure

Children who don’t get enough sleep at night may suffer from a rise in their blood pressure during the next day even if they are not obese or overweight, suggests the results of a new study. The results of this study are based on observation of 143 children between the ages of 10 to 18 … Continue reading

Top FREE Online Resources For Students

College is an important period in a person’s life. However, some students have a hard time getting the right grades, focusing and keeping organized. One of the best ways to do this is by using free online resources. These online resources contain a wide range of study and research materials that can help a student … Continue reading

How Music Can Help The Brains of New Babies

Most every parent knows that music can have a significant impact on a baby’s emotions. Not only does it have the power to inspire wiggles and smiles; it can calm a fussy baby when nothing else seems to work. With that being said, early exposure to music can also have far-reaching benefits that can change … Continue reading

New Research Project Aims To Help Autistic Children Develop Communication Skills

Autism may present a broad spectrum of characteristics, ranging in severity, and therefore, different autistic children may represent the condition in entirely different ways. However, underdeveloped communication skills seems to be the common thread that links most every case of autism. Recently, a project to improve those skills that are lacking in autistic children appears … Continue reading