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Top Tips on Raising Girls With a Healthy Self-Esteem

By Mabelle Sese Nowadays, women have made a mark in different fields of expertise which used to be dominated by men. Men and women are now treated equal in terms of rights. But little did we know that despite this equality, a lot of women still suffer from low self-esteem. Low self-esteem for women starts … Continue reading

Which Super Hero Is The Best Influence For Your Children?

Raising children isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s tough to know what the best thing to do is – especially when they seem to be running somewhat riot and you don’t want to come off as too much of a disciplinarian. Wouldn’t life just be easier if children automatically wanted to follow the rules and … Continue reading

Is Your Boyfriend Bullying You? How To Get Away

When a bully boyfriend assaults your personal freedom and self-esteem, it should be enough for you to realize that this could develop into abusive behavior. It is important that you get away from a bully boyfriend, no matter how difficult or frightening it may be, no matter how much you love him or divide financial … Continue reading

High Self-Esteem In Teens Leads To Courage and Wise Choices

By Dr. Michael H. Popkin Courage comes from a belief in yourself: that regardless of any particular outcome, you are a loveable, capable, giving person who has a good chance to succeed. And when you don’t succeed, you look inward for a belief that you are more than just your achievements, that there is something … Continue reading

When It Comes to Our Kids Online – Caution Is Not Cool, and That’s a Real Problem

  By Lance Winslow The other day, I was speaking with an international acquaintance about our social networks and some of the challenges we have with privacy, worse, the future. Yes, I think we might all agree this is a real challenge. One thing that continues to bother me is that the Internet isn’t like … Continue reading