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Should Your Children Wear Symbols on Their Clothes?

You may not think dressing your children in clothing that has a little logo design would be such a big deal; however, do you know exactly what the logos on their clothing mean? You should find out what each logo means before sending your precious bean out into the world. What Symbols Mean The rock … Continue reading

Senia’s Favorite Things: Headbands Never Go Out Of Style

The way you wear your hair can change the way you look completely and headbands are a very good way to add authenticity, style and elegance to your overall look. From chic to retro, from funky to handmade, headbands can be included in the classical accessories category, as they never go out of fashion. They’re … Continue reading

Kris Kringle Shopping: 6 Sites To Find What You Need

Not only is finding the perfect Christmas present difficult, venturing into crowded shopping centers during the busy festive season can be unnerving. This season, why not complete your Christmas shopping painlessly on the go? There are dozens of reliable shopping websites where you will find everything you need with the convenience of home delivery. We … Continue reading

4 Tips To Make A Costume For A Kid’s Costume Party

Has your child been invited to a costume party? If yes, then that spells trouble for you. I can understand your predicament, costumes are hard to make and you don’t want to be one of those parents who simply buys one. What’s worse is, if your child’s costume doesn’t match up to the others, then … Continue reading

Spending Time With Your Teenage Son: 5 Cool Father-Son Activities

As your son grows older, you will be spending less and less time together. With his busy social life and your own work schedule, you might feel as though you haven’t had the opportunity to bond as much as you used to. Even if you live with your son, it can still be challenging to … Continue reading