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Overcoming Your Middle School Geek Label – Get Involved

By Stephanie Harbin One way to overcome your middle school geek label in high school is to get involved, and getting involved is contrary to the behavior of geeks. Geeks are known for either being loners or associating only with other geeks. Although the thought of reaching out and mingling with others might make you … Continue reading

How Important are Internships for College Students

Nowadays, the competition for jobs is constantly increasing, which raises the question what you can do in order to get approved for the desired position. A smart idea is to start thinking about that while you are still in college. Universities and colleges today provide many opportunities for students on an international level. You can … Continue reading

Infographic: Drinking in College

There’s a popular theory that when young adults go away to college and get their first taste of freedom, their inhibitions are either shed in quick order or eventually atrophy from disuse. Alcohol is of particular interest among college leadership and concerned parents alike. How much of the rumors are true, though? Is it fair … Continue reading

3 HUGE Mistakes High School Seniors Make That Keep Them Jobless

By Nash Warfield Choosing the right major in college is a key component to success. It helps students to find great jobs, which leads to long-term happiness and career fulfillment. You do want your students to make good career choices, don’t you? Here are the 3 biggest mistakes high school seniors make when selecting a … Continue reading

Students: Don’t Forget You Are In Class to Learn

By Dr Bruce Johnson It seems like a fairly obvious reminder for students to tell them that the purpose of taking a class is to learn. Initially students start out that way with their first classes but over time, and as habitual patterns set in, it can be easy to forget that new experiences and … Continue reading