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Students: Don’t Forget You Are In Class to Learn

By Dr Bruce Johnson It seems like a fairly obvious reminder for students to tell them that the purpose of taking a class is to learn. Initially students start out that way with their first classes but over time, and as habitual patterns set in, it can be easy to forget that new experiences and … Continue reading

Bullying and Media Culture: How TV Teaches Children to Bully

By Katie McCoy Most Americans think of bullying as youth problem. In actuality, it’s more of a cultural problem. It seems that everywhere you turn, today’s youth can see the bully mentality on full display. Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent that throughout the media. Kids consume on average around 8 to 11 hours of … Continue reading

Why Teachers Should Carry Guns

  By Ilya Shambat In latest news, America has been shocked over a teenager murdering a teacher for making the teenager stay after school. My solution is simple. Allow teachers to carry guns. The school shootings and killings in America have gone beyond a joke. It didn’t stop with Eric Harris and Dylan Kleebold; it … Continue reading

‘My Teacher Is Picking On Me’ & Other School Problems That Parents Need To Know How To Tackle

No parent wants their child to be unhappy at school as it can lead to all sorts of associated issues such as truancy, behavioral problems and low grades. This post looks at three of the most common problems parents face when it comes to helping their child maintain a happy and balanced school life. 1.       … Continue reading

5 Tips On How To Choose The Proper Typing Technique For Kids

Over the last few decades, schools and other institutions have done a fabulous job in introducing and incorporating computers into our classrooms. Our kids are well equipped to understand and handle computers at a very young age. Teachers have meticulously taught kids on the nuances involved with computers and how to apply, utilize them to … Continue reading