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5 Ways To Get Teens To Love Reading

By Samantha Saunders As an English teacher I have had parents reveal to me in hushed tones, as though imparting some secret information – “He used to read all the time in primary school. But then he just stopped.” Why does this happen, this perceived halting to the reading practices of our youth? When do … Continue reading

What To Do If A Boyfriend Pressures You For Sex

By Oliver N Chapman So you’ve got a boyfriend and you’ve been going out for a while. You’ve dated a number of times, shared a coffee, been to some restaurants maybe, seen a movie and stolen some kisses. There’s been some hugging and touching and maybe even some petting and more physical stuff. Now your … Continue reading

SimplySenia.com is Back!!!

SimplySenia.com was down for a couple of weeks but thankfully we’re back! Senia will be bringing you all new Summer Jamz, book reviews from her summer reading list and she will also be sharing her summer camp experience. In the meantime, it’s time to get back to all the super-duper cool stuff for tweens, teens … Continue reading

A Safe Easy Way To Help Text Addicted Teens – 3 Questions You Must Ask

Author: Liz In less than two minutes, you will learn 3 questions you must ask to be successful in helping text addicted teens. But firstly, how sure are you that your teen is addicted to text messaging?Have you begun to notice the fact that your teenager pays much more attention to their phone than they … Continue reading