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Is Your Family Too Plugged-In? Try Going Screen-Free for a Week!

By Kristen Wint It’s inevitable. You’re inside a lot – watching movies, playing video games, on iPads, computers and more. You may also be staring at a screen for work and your kids may be using one at school. How do you break the cycle of constant screen time? Like any tough habits to kick, … Continue reading

Senia’s Forgotten 2013 Twitter Moment with Actress, Katherine McNamara

One day I was on Katherine McNamara’s Twitter page and I complimented her on how much I liked her performance on the show, Jessie. She tweeted me back saying how much she loves to be mean on TV and she also thanked me. I told her how I wished I would of seen her movie … Continue reading

3 HUGE Mistakes High School Seniors Make That Keep Them Jobless

By Nash Warfield Choosing the right major in college is a key component to success. It helps students to find great jobs, which leads to long-term happiness and career fulfillment. You do want your students to make good career choices, don’t you? Here are the 3 biggest mistakes high school seniors make when selecting a … Continue reading

Bullying and Media Culture: How TV Teaches Children to Bully

By Katie McCoy Most Americans think of bullying as youth problem. In actuality, it’s more of a cultural problem. It seems that everywhere you turn, today’s youth can see the bully mentality on full display. Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent that throughout the media. Kids consume on average around 8 to 11 hours of … Continue reading

How To Get Children Involved With Household Chores

It is really important to encourage your children to do household chores from an early on to guarantee that everyone participates in keeping the house in order. It will also make sure they learn to be independent and that when they eventually grow up they know how to survive without their mum doing their laundry. … Continue reading