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Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Inspired by Hunger Games

By Ricci DeLoriea Hunger Games is the hot movie right now and the most featured poster or advertising for the movie is of Katniss the pretty young character pulling back with determination on her weapon of choice, her bow. Adventuresome young girls everywhere will be looking to do the same, and now they can. Nerf … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Gross Toys

This could be the grossest holiday toy season in years as toy makers roll out new lines of gross-out toys that fart, burp or make other weird noises. The new Monster 500 line from Toys R Us features CrocPot, an icky monster sitting on a potty-type vehicle and holding a toilet plunger. See full list … Continue reading

Your Kids Don’t Need Electronic Learning Toys

By Sue Hubbard We’ve all seen the advertisements for toys, videos, even teaching programs for babies promising to give your child an academic edge. Maybe we’ve been swayed to purchase those toys that teach colors, counting, and ABC’s in English and Spanish. Maybe we’ve been consumed with guilt because we didn’t give our children these … Continue reading

Are Children Given Too Many Toys?

High-street and online retailers are getting ready for the Christmas festive period through offering promotions on many toys for children at Christmas. However, campaigners are voicing their concerns over such practises and are implying that children simply get bought too many presents at Christmas and in turn is putting pressure on adults to buy or … Continue reading

Cleaning Can Be Fun! Teaching 2 To 11 Year Old Kids How To Clean

Children can be messy and unruly when they play in their room and sadly, this is something that can not be avoided. The best way to deal with the situation is to educate and teach them through examples why cleanliness is important. This can be done by allowing them to help you around the house … Continue reading