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Strange Jobs Involving Animals

Most of us are fascinated by the lives of animals to some extent. Whether it is by watching the National Geographic Channel or caring for your own pets, most humans enjoy interaction with animals. Some even make a career out of their well being. We are all familiar with the work of veterinarians and game … Continue reading

Infographic: Drinking in College

There’s a popular theory that when young adults go away to college and get their first taste of freedom, their inhibitions are either shed in quick order or eventually atrophy from disuse. Alcohol is of particular interest among college leadership and concerned parents alike. How much of the rumors are true, though? Is it fair … Continue reading

The Many Ways That Poor Quality Drinking Water Affects Children’s Development

Many parts of the world still don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, and the individuals in those areas, especially the children, are adversely affected. Poor drinking water that’s contaminated and not appropriate for human consumption can lead to a host of health problems and eventually even death. That’s why many organizations are working … Continue reading

This is What Your Boogers Are Made of!

Hey, get your finger outta there! Instead of picking them out, let’s learn about those little blobs. Yeah, we’re talking about boogers. To understand what boogers are, you need to know about mucus (say: myoo-kus). Mucus is the sticky, slimy stuff that’s made inside your nose. If you’re like lot of kids, you have another … Continue reading

529 Plans and Other Ways To Save For College

For residents of the United States, saving for college has always been an issue, but with the recent introduction of tuition fees in the United Kingdom, more families will have to consider setting up funds for their children. Although there will be money put into the project by the student, a lot of the saving … Continue reading