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The New Face of Transgender Youth

By Brian Prowse-Gany What defines gender? Is it biology, the heart and mind, or some combination of both? As the debate surrounding transgender children swirls, one girl is sharing her personal story in the hope that she can help others. Jazz Jennings was born a boy, but started to show leanings toward a feminine side … Continue reading

5 Things Children Should Do On The Internet

The internet is a great place for doing all sorts of things. Unfortunately there are always some bad things out there on the web but you shouldn’t think that the whole internet is a waste of time just because of these few problems. There are plenty of good things children can do online and you … Continue reading

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

With the pressures facing most people today, it is essential to take your mental health seriously. This is especially true for college students and young people, whose lack of experience in the real world could lead to major mental health issues resulting from stress, overwork, fatigue, or even the onset of a more serious mental … Continue reading

Bullying and Media Culture: How TV Teaches Children to Bully

By Katie McCoy Most Americans think of bullying as youth problem. In actuality, it’s more of a cultural problem. It seems that everywhere you turn, today’s youth can see the bully mentality on full display. Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent that throughout the media. Kids consume on average around 8 to 11 hours of … Continue reading

Politicians To Consider Legalizing Child Sex Abuse

By Marcea Hibbert-Roye It was reported on television recently that politicians are to consider whether to lower the age of consent for sex from 16 to 15 years old. They state that many 15 year olds are already engaging in sex and by lowering the age would benefit young people by opening up and extending … Continue reading