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Senia’s Summer Jamz: Paramore – Ain’t It Fun

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7 Best Ways To Deal With Online Bullies

We live in a time where a huge part of our daily interactions with people lies online, in a virtual world where speed of communication is key, and entertainment value is significant, if not vital. The Internet has enabled us to cross time and space barriers, allowing instant access, responses to and sharing of information. … Continue reading

Video: 12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants of King John Of England

Why Your Teen Thinks Everyone Is Watching Her

By Anne McCormick Raising teenagers and preteens is never a boring experience. Things change from day to day with their moods, and we as adults might need to remind ourselves at times that it’s normal for adolescents to be moody. After all, they’re dealing with fluctuating hormone levels, as well as a rapidly changing body … Continue reading

Are You A Belieber?

By Jim Partlow In all manners of publications you can find people asking this question: “why is this kid still so popular?” These are not just music magazines, or blogs, either, but the likes of the NY Times, the Huffington Post, Business Insider, NY Daily News, etc. All of these have full length articles dedicated … Continue reading